Thursday, July 31, 2008

this week has co$t me

who would have thought this could happen with a simple shut of the trunk? word of warning: make sure your stroller wheel is not next to the window next time you close your trunk. otherwise it will cost you $300...

a few days later i go to my doctor's appointment to have my eyes checked out and he tells me my left eye is still inflamed and i'll have to wear my glasses for AT LEAST another month. urgh! he tells me to buy a particular brand of eye drops because my cornea needs to stay extremely moist to help the healing process. i gladly walk to rite aide, only to find out that this so called "best brand of eye drops" is $18! for a little vial of eye drops! at least he didn't charge me the $45 for the office visit.

then i get back to my car to find this attached:

seriously, a parking ticket! for what???, i shout to nobody. i run to check the meter and i still had 4 minutes left, but apparently i parked two feet into the next spot. didn't know that was much for a free doctor's appointment!

i am glad to welcome friday tomorrow, as it will mark the end of this expensive week for me. can't i do anything right??? we're headed to the coast tomorrow evening for a weekend of surfing (tyler, not me) and a big crab feed with tyler's "shred dogs" surf club. i'm looking forward to some fresh air...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

first hike

Riley had her first hike (and we had our first hike of the summer!) last Saturday. We hiked up to Fragrance Lake, a 1.9 mile STRAIGHT UP THE MOUNTAIN hike. We packed a picnic lunch, which we enjoyed once we made it to our destination after our grueling trek. We contemplated jumping in the lake, but we didn't quite have the summer weather we were hoping for. We treated ourselves to some real banana shakes at Win's-Drive-In in Fairhaven afterwards...a really nice summer Saturday.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

1 grandma, 4 sisters, 3 fellas, 2 babies & 1 dog

last weekend we celebrated the long 4th of july weekend on shaw island. we met my mom & sisters there and stayed on my aunt & uncles property. we walked, rode bikes, ate, sat by the fire, played croquet, watched fireworks, napped and did lots of just hanging. it was refreshing to get out of town and breathe some of the fresh island air. also, i must mention that we all walked onto the ferry, so we were quite a sight with our stuff!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ten on Ten (7/10)

a quick recap of my day yesterday:

awake, changing a diaper - feeding doc - reading on the patio in the sun while riley naps!!!! - taking laundry off the line - feeding riley nectarines for lunch - ice cream sandwich while running a few errands - walk - waiting to pick up car from oil change - feeding riley - date night with tyler