Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There is a lot of movement in our house...

Sonja started crawling a few weeks back and she is on the move. She is pulling herself up onto everything and taking walking steps along the furniture. She is so curious about everything and we think it's so cute! She's very proud of herself and has used her new skills to transport herself into Riley's room where she loves to demolish and take apart all kinds of things. It's adorable to see them "playing" together. Much more of that to come, I'm sure.


Riley is officially riding a bike now - no training wheels - a regular big girl bike. She's been on her balance bike for several months and lately she was showing signs she was ready to make the transition. Tyler scored a $10 craigslist bike and brought it home last Tuesday evening. After dinner we ventured out to the front and after a few tries she was riding on her own. It was amazing to watch and made me so proud (teary even!). The best part was how excited Riley was. She was so so proud of herself and was having so much fun. It's now been 1 week since we've had her bike and she begs to ride her bike morning, noon and night. She can start completely on her own and is getting really comfortable with it. I swear by balance bikes...the transition to a regular bike was completely seamless.


So you could say my life has changed - I am literally chasing after Sonja in the house and Riley down the street!