Thursday, February 19, 2009

this is what happens when...

riley rummages through her drawer, hands you a pair of green christmas pj's and a summer tank top and insists that you put them on over her pajamas (and the reason for the wide open mouth, is she is pointing to the fireplace and warning me that it is HOT)

you let your 15 month old eat spaghetti and meatballs for lunch...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

pictures from the week

it's been hard for me to post as much as i've wanted to lately- life is full right now. tyler is working all the time, so that means i am keeping up with riley, the house, our life, etc by myself. plus, i am babysitting for some extra spending money for our much-anticipated trip to mexico in just 6 short days. needless to say, we've been busy but i've been wanting to share some recent photos of riley. she herself is a busy woman but constantly keeps us laughing when we sometimes just want to crawl into a hole and hide for a while from exhaustion and stress. and so the pictures from the last week go like this:

riley found her nike's (thanks auntie rin!) tucked away in her drawer in their box, underneath some clothes. she brought them to me and insisted i put them on and would not let me take them off. so she took her nap with them on. i'm telling you, this girl knows what she wants:

a trip to village books for some tea, scone, playtime in the kids section then a new book:

moving her scone around the table while making car noises. she definitely knows how to entertain:

walking down the street in fairhaven, new book in hand and checking out the flowers. then she spotted the bench and HAD to sit there. apparently she could not wait to read the new book until we got home:

brushing up on her spanish on top of doc's bed. and of course, with the nike's on:

playing peek-a-boo with her cousin henry:

lastly, a valentines day treat - a date with my husband! and to explain the funny glasses, the table sitting next to us insisted that we wear them to help their brother celebrate his 50th. so we obliged of course!:

here's to a great week! it will be another busy one for us. tyler is out of town for work until thursday night then we fly out of seattle early saturday morning for a glorious week of sunshine and beach. not sure if i'll be back here before we leave. if not, i will be sure to post pictures of our trip once we return.

Friday, February 6, 2009

happy friday!

this sequence of pictures cracks me up. it ended in riley putting some of the putty in her mouth, just for a small taste. perfect. what i didn't get a picture of, was her actually scraping the putty knife back and forth on the wall, just like she saw daddy doing. she was singing the whole time too.

we look forward to a weekend at home again - for me a little crossfit, jogo style, in the morning then a day of chores around the house, trying to finish up the bathroom and possibly stopping by a friend's "rice and bean" party tomorrow evening. hopefully we'll get in some good dog park time, as well as church and some time spent with tyler. he has been working a lot these days, so we miss him around here! have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

update on the bathroom remodel

we officially have a new bathroom! we still need to paint, seal the tile floor, wire the heated floor and finish the trim around the shower/tub...but it feels so wonderful to have a new bathroom. who ever knew i would be so excited about a new toilet? here are a few photos to enjoy:


the (almost) finished product:

i will be sure to take a picture once the bathroom is complete. i can't wait to enjoy that new tub. the old one was cast iron, therefore making a HOT bath, next to impossible.

happy monday to you all. and be sure to keep checking andrew's blog for updates.