Thursday, November 11, 2010


~~~ happy 3rd year of life to riley kathleen ~~~

my sweet


full of life

and lots of jokes


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

babies + cloth diapers = cuteness!

so glad i finally started, not so glad to have more laundry :(

toni & guy

this was taken by the professional photographer, isn't it adorable?

i've never talked much about tyler's job (well other than to complain that he's away)...but on november 1st we attended the seattle toni & guy hair academy's grand opening.

tyler has been working for toni & guy for almost two years now. his job requires a lot of hours from him and also requires him to be on the road. he started traveling often and consistently when riley was just over 1 years old and right after my brother was diagnosed with cancer. it has not been easy or fun and it seems like the timing has always been so wrong. HOWEVER, tyler works very hard and we are constantly grateful that he has a steady job. i remind myself of these two things whenever i feel like complaining (which is often). we've trusted that this is the right place for him for the time being, so we've made adjustments and are somewhat settling into what our new norm is.

the fact that we were at the seattle grand opening, signifying it's completion, was a huge celebration in our house. this deal was on and off the table several times and has been in the works for over a year. i've heard countless stories about the journey the past year and tyler has logged hundreds of miles as he's traveled down to seattle and back sometimes 3-4x/week. he helped to oversee the entire project and i am so proud of him and his work. it was so satisfying for me to walk through the school and see everything he helped to accomplish. the school is beautiful. (for all you seattle friends they bought the old greenwood beauty school, moved it out to 185th & aurora and turned it into a toni & guy...check it out for cheap cuts!)

all that to say, it was a fun night to celebrate the hard work and somewhat of a relief that it is over...well, until they buy the next school...but for now we will enjoy a tiny bit of downtime.

our friends john & jessica showed up so they could meet sonja and check out tyler's work. they have two adorable girls, charlotte & violet, and riley loved playing with them

and thank you to claire who came just to look after riley so i could hold sonja while meeting/chatting with tyler's co-workers