Tuesday, August 24, 2010

37 weeks

i'm 37 weeks today, which means i can have this baby any time now. kind of a scary & exciting thought all at the same time. my body is ready to have this baby and not be pregnant anymore, but having this baby means a lot of change, which is hard for me. transitioning into two kids will be rough, i'm sure. but i'm really not looking forward to losing my individual time with riley. she is so ready for a sibling, but we've had almost 3 years of just her and i. not to mention the fact she starts preschool in a month, which has me completely freaking out! it's only two mornings/week and i will definitely enjoy the time to rest and be with the baby, but it's just hard to imagine her not being with me everyday...i'm really trying to soak up these last few weeks and enjoy them, even if my body is tired and achy. change and fall are in the air, both of which i have a love/hate relationship with :)

we have been busy around here tidying things up before this baby comes. a few weekends ago tyler and his buddy andy tore down the remaining side of our old fence and started putting up a new one. tyler just finished it this past weekend. it still needs to be stained, but looks amazing. he spent all weekend doing odds and ends for me while i organized the garage, ran errands and cleaned some things out. it feels great to get our house in order and finish some projects that have been hanging over our heads for quite some time now. nothing like a baby coming to give us some motivation.

on sunday tyler's grandparents came for a visit from spokane in their big RV. they parked right in front of our house and stayed for two nights. riley calls their RV a bus and absolutely loved spending time with them inside their bus. she just adores tyler's grandma and she was so helpful with riley, spending time with her while i was able to do some other things. tyler's grandpa is king of projects, so he decided he needed to help us build a rock wall in our backyard. something we've wanted to do for years...so we completely appreciated the motivation to start and the help. we had a wonderful dinner at anthonys, (a tradition every time they come into town since the seafood over here doesn't even compare to spokane) as well as an awesome backyard salmon BBQ. they are in amazing shape for 78 and 79 and we always enjoy their company and the love they pour into us. we only see them a few times a year, so we treasure all our time together. tyler and his grandpa leroy are two peas in a pod - they can sell you on anything, charm their way out of any situation and have an intense amount of energy. it's really quite cute to see them together.

here's to hoping this baby comes soon :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the fair

on monday we went to the northwest WA fair in lynden with some friends. we saw lots of animals - the highlights being the cow pooping a few feet from us and the laboring mother pig. we did the rides - although not me, as pregnant riders were not allowed. riley, however, was thrilled by every ride, as this was her first experience on rides. we ate plenty of food and only had a few minor meltdowns. we picked the warmest day to go and being 9 months pregnant i was looking for every opportunity to sit down, as my poor feet were throbbing and my body was melting from the sun. all in all it was a very fun afternoon/evening. i only took pictures of riley on the rides...so here are just a few pictures below.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

our "babymoon"

last weekend the youngs took riley for the weekend so we could have some time before baby #2 arrives. after much deliberation and not being able to find a reasonably priced hotel, we decided to just stick around and enjoy being home w/o a toddler. friday night we went to dinner at a new restaurant in town that i've been wanting to try. it was so nice to sit for a few hours and not have to rush home. i spent saturday checking several things off my "before baby" list while tyler installed a new kitchen faucet and got a massage. we took off in the afternoon for vashon for claire's 30th birthday party.

new kitchen faucet (forgot to get a before shot)

the party was at her uncles house on vashon, where he has an incredible piece of property. claire and her family put together an amazing dinner and it was so fun to see old friends and meet claire's friends that i didn't know. we got back to seattle late and crashed at my mom's house.

sunday morning we got up and attempted to eat breakfast at tilth in wallingford, but were sad to learn they didn't open for another hour. my hungry pregnant self could not wait so we went around the corner to blue star and had a nice breakfast. the youngs dropped off riley in seattle on their way to a party and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out with my family. my sister rachel was in town from LA, so it was fun for all of us siblings to be together.

family taco dinner
martha & rachel being silly and sarah laughing so hard she can't handle it
we joke that our mom will want to use this for her christmas card (we like to make fun of a few of her choices over the years and tease that she likes to pick the pictures of us in our pj's with hair flying everywhere)

thank you youngs for taking riley for us. we had a nice weekend and really appreciate it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

what we've been up to lately...

34 weeks and getting b-i-g-g-e-r!!! (and nesting mode has kicked in, in a major way)

this is how riley likes to nap most days: wearing something strange and all her babies snuggled next to her

blueberry picking as a ballerina (and refusing to look at the camera for most pictures)

trying to spend more time at home just playing (as i'm getting more & more tired)

awesome camping trip with friends last weekend on san juan island (the only pictures i took the whole weekend were on the ferry ride over - i totally regret that now)

happy weekend!