Monday, March 15, 2010

she's a quirky one

our quirky toddler keeps us laughing constantly - here she is snuggling with her cement bunny

this little bunny has been in our garden since we bought the house years ago and she's always enjoyed petting and saying hello to the bunny. it wasn't until a few weeks ago that she decided she wanted to bring the bunny in the house and told me, "but mommy, the bunny NEEDS me to snuggle her". she kisses the bunny, sleeps with it, carries it around, talks to it, etc. it's not worth the fight with her because 1) she will win and 2) she will get over this soon enough and move on to something else.

also, she decided last friday it would be fun to drag her mattress into the living room and line her babies up and sit on it. she requested to take her nap in the living room and when i said no we decided on the floor of her room. she ended up sleeping almost 3 hours, which is very rare for her, so maybe she's on to something!

on another note, i went to a baby shower yesterday and brought dessert for everyone. i found this recipe for chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint cream from smitten kitchen, and let me tell you, they were to die for. the whip cream (white chocolate, whip cream and peppermint) was like nothing you've had before and the cupcake was rich and light and just perfect. everyone gave them rave reviews and they were pretty simple to bake. i highly recommend trying them.

happy monday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


thank goodness for an iphone - i don't know how i managed life before. i would not know such things as 1) the weather report in seattle, nyc or maui 2) my current spending habits and where i was over budget or 3) the fact that my little baby growing inside me is now the size of a lemon.

yes, its true. my bulging belly is not due to the fact that i love dessert. i am, in fact, just over 13 weeks pregnant and due september 14. we are thrilled! i will admit that the 2nd time around is so different. i haven't opened a single pregnancy book (i seriously love the pregnancy iphone apps for this reason!) and often forget that i am pregnant, as its not the first or even fourth thing on my mind. however, i am excited to have reached my second trimester already. those first 11 weeks or so were brutal. not having an appetite, being so tired i was practically comatose and overall just feeling blah was rough with a toddler. i don't know how many of my friends had their kids any closer together! i commend you! i am feeling on the up and up, although my first trimester daily nap might be here to stay!

we told riley a few weeks back and when i said that mommy has a baby in her tummy her eyes lit up and without hesitation she exclaimed "i have a baby in my tummy too!"

baby denton #2 at 11 weeks

Saturday, March 6, 2010

birthday boy


Friday, March 5, 2010

the olympics

last sunday we needed a family outing since tyler was leaving the next day for a week, so we decided to head north to vancouver to see the olympic sights.

riley's favorite part was riding the sky train into and around the city. she was squealing with delight and looking out the window and pointing out everything she saw.

we mostly just wandered around the city, seeing the olympic flame and several of the venues where the events were taking place. we were there during the canada vs. usa mens hockey game, so the streets and restaurants were packed and filled with an immense amount of canadian pride. we americans finally found two seats in the back of a small sandwich shop to watch the game and eat lunch.

it was a nice day and was so easy getting up there and around - - - we were very glad we went to experience the olympics!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the zoo

tyler is out of town this week for work, so riley and i hung out in seattle for the day on monday. andrew got to come to the zoo with us, before his chemo appointment. riley and uncle drew are bff''s very cute. she often will call him "unc drew" and she even told him, "you're the best friend i've ever seen." does that melt your heart or what???

riley's favorite part was watching the gorillas. she loved the baby gorilla and squealed with delight every time it moved. we also got to witness true animal behavior, as the daddy gorilla pooped in his hand and ATE IT. riley was really struck by this and has been telling lots of people about it. "the gorilla pooped in his hand and ate it!!!"

this is riley refusing to look at the camera

and by the way, doesn't andrew look great?