Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Andrew's Birthday at the Mariners

For Andrew's birthday this year we celebrated by going out for hot dogs and a trip to the Mariner's game. We had dinner at Diggity Dog Hot Dogs in "Tangletown" (but known to our family as a block down from where Brigg's pharmacy used to be - we lived in a house just a few blocks off Tangletowns main drag and would ride our bikes to Briggs and buy candy). We were pleased with the food and it was the perfect pre-baseball game dinner.

At the game we were sitting in the nosebleed section, but decided it was a pretty good view for only $10.

It was Sonja and Riley's first baseball game, and they both did great and enjoyed themselves, especially for being up way past their bedtimes. Sonja even slept for a while on my chest, amidst all the noise (have you ever been to a baseball game with my Dad and brother? they loooove baseball and know everything about it and are very very loud)

Riley told me her favorite part was eating ice cream with Henry and Auntie Martha (and did you see the licorice Uncle Drew bought her?) I guess anything goes at a baseball game.

Andrew had a great birthday and we had lots of fun, despite our tired eyes returning home at midnight. Riley has since lined up the baseball cards she collected at the game in front of her animals and told me they were all going to a baseball game. Cute!