Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

We had a great weekend to kick off the new year, full of lots of get-togethers with friends, as well as a snowshoe trip. We are pretty tired tonight and wishing we had just one more day to relax and do some of those much needed chores (like put food in the fridge)...but I guess that is what this week is for.

Some friends came up from Seattle and we joined them on a snowshoe adventure on Saturday. We had no expectations going into the trip, knowing Riley would probably not last that long. She in fact, did not last that long, but we had a fun time regardless. It's always good to lower your expectations when dealing with toddlers. We maybe walked for 15 or 20 minutes then turned around before it went from bad to worse. We made it back to the car, drove up to the ski lodge at Mt. Baker and ate our sack lunch while enjoying the warmth of the lodge. We picked our friends back up (they completed the entire fair) and made our way back down the mountain. We hope to go at least one more time this winter, but probably with a sled and proper boots for Riley so her feet don't get cold again.

This is how we started off: all smiles

Pretty soon we moved to this: happy to be walking

Then we quickly moved to me holding her, then Tyler holding her, then on my shoulders and ending the journey on Tyler's shoulders. Good thing we turned around when we did!