Thursday, April 11, 2013

Andrew's 35th

 photo 5330cce5-cda6-4e3b-8cb8-6fb053e92c9e.jpg

Andrew's 30th Birthday

 photo 6dfb4d55-207a-4e6d-918e-35d2b7c03fc0.jpg

One of my favorite pictures of my siblings and I: Dec 2005 on the Oregon Coast

Andrew would have turned 35 today.  To say that I miss him and wish he were still here is an understatement.  I miss him and think about him daily, but on this day, his birthday, the longing and wishing for him is so much more painful.  It is another reminder that he is truly gone, and this idea, that he will never come back again, is a suffocating thought to live with.  It is not fair that he is gone and that someone so full of life had to be taken at such an early age. I long for the days when we used to chat and text well into the night.  Nobody has ever been able to make me laugh like him.  He brought so much sunshine to my life and I will always be thankful for this.  Happy birthday Andrew.

Here are a few grief articles that I've enjoyed lately.  Ashley sent me this article and I read this one on a blog.  It is long, but very well written and there were several points in the story that brought me back to our days in the hospital with Andrew.  

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